Auset Mitchell

Auset Mitchell
Programme Assistant

Auset, from the U.S., assists in EDRC’s educational, research and programme activities on climate change and security.

Auset was a programme assistant at the NATO Communications and Information Agency in Brussels (2015-2018). She has also served as a U.S. Military Reservist in Afghanistan, Germany, the Horn of Africa and U.S. where she assessed operational areas from political, military, economic, and infrastructure points of view including as an instructor in seminars on working in multicultural environments and formulated and led language and cultural awareness training for military personnel.         

In 2014-2015 she was a project officer with Capital Works and Infrastructure, Justice and Community Safety in Canberra Australia where she constructed business cases, and created project plans for management of projects across the entire life cycle and was responsible for refitting government buildings to be more energy efficient

She has an LLM degree in International Law from the University of Kent in Brussels with a focus on human rights law and migration and a BA degree in International Relation, Foreign Policy and Security from Boston University.