COBRA Project

Project COBRA (2011-2015) aimed to showcase indigenous solutions for the management of natural resources that could in turn inspire development policies and projects. To do this, it worked towards increasing confidence across indigenous communities and strengthening their position as stakeholders by:

- Discussing the challenges facing their community;

- Identifying their own solutions to these challenges;

- Recording these solutions using visual technologies;

- Sharing their results with other communities;

- Implementing best practices from other communities.

A key results of the project was the Practitioner’s Handbook: How to find and share community owned solutions?

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EDRC's Executive Director, representing IES, served as Assistant Manager for the project.

For more information about the original COBRA project visit the website at:

After the completion of the initial Cobra project the partners formed the Cobra Collective which seeks to empower marginalised communities by helping them identify, record and promote community owned solutions. These solutions are born in and carried out by the communities themselves, in ways which are environmentally sustainable and socially fair. The Collective’s role is to help you provide support in identifying successful community owned solutions and creating the conditions for these solutions to flourish.

the group works to provide an approach that is fundamentally transdisciplinary and holistic, supporting practitioners working in the fields of development, nature conservation, health, natural resource management, social welfare and education.

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