Brussels Dialogue on Climate Diplomacy

The Brussels Dialogue on Climate Diplomacy (BDCD) is an informal network for the exchange of information promotion of cooperation among European institutions, international organisations, think tanks and NGOs active in the nexus between climate change and international, national, human and environmental security.

The ultimate aim for the partners is to raise awareness within their own institutions and constituencies - and beyond – regarding the security implications of climate change and to stimulate cooperation and joint actions to increase their impact in articulating and implementing effective climate change mitigation and adaptation research, policies and practices. 

The network currently consists of 40 participating organisations.


13th BDCD Meeting:  Public launch of the Report of the North-Atlantic Civil-Society Working-Group on Environment and Security (NCWES): "Sustainable Peace & Security in a Changing Climate: Recommendations for NATO 2030" - Hosted by the American Security Project, On-line, 1 June 2021. 

12th BDCD Meeting: "Climate Security Challenges for NATO" - On-line, 17 September 2020

11th BDCD Meeting: "Climate Diplomacy in 2020 – The State of Play" - European Environmental Bureau, 10 March 2020

“International Conference on the Climate-Security Nexus: Implications for the Military – Installations, Operations and Personnel” – Co-organised with the European Organisation of Military Associations and Trade Unions (EUROMIL), European Economic and Social Committee, 24 Oct 2019

“International Seminar on the Security Implications of Emerging Climate Altering Technologies” – Co-organised with the Belgian Federal Public Service of Foreign Affairs, Royal Military Academy, 23 Oct 2019

10th BDCD Meeting: “Addressing the Security Implications of Climate Change” - Permanent Representation of the Netherlands to the European Union, 14 May 2019

9th BDCD Meeting: “Implementing European Climate and Security Policies” – European Parliament, 9 Apr 2019

“Reinforcing Environmental Dimensions of European Foreign and Security Policy”, by Marianne Kettunen (IEEP), Dominique Noome (GMACCC) and Johanna Nyman (IEEP), Co-published by BDCD, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Institute for European Environmental Policy and the Global Military Advisory Council on Climate Change (GMACCC), Brussels, Jan 2019

8th BDCD Meeting: “EU and UN Action on Climate Diplomacy – The Year Ahead - Foundation for European Progressive Studies, 23 Jan 2019

7th BDCD Meeting: “Pros and Cons of a Multistakholder approach to Climate Change Governance” - European External Action Service, 27 Sep 2018

6th BDCD Meeting: “Role of the Military in addressing Climate Change & Security - European External Action Service, 28 Jun 2018

5th BDCD Meeting: “Presentation of the EU Council Conclusions on Climate Diplomacy - NATO Parliamentary Assembly, 9 Mar 2018

Climate Change and International Security: Resource Guideby Ronald A. Kingham, Brussels, Jan 2018. This inventory produced for the BDCD highlights over 100 publications, articles, initiatives and events from 2017. It includes everything you need to know about action on Climate Change and International Security in this landmark year.

1st BDCD International Conference: “Enhancing Climate Diplomacy in a Changing Political Environment - ACP Secretariat, 20 Nov 2017

4th BDCD Meeting: UNEP Brussels Liaison Office, 18 Sep 2017

3rd BDCD Meeting: ACP Secretariat, 28 Jun 2017

2nd BDCD Meeting: NATO HQ, 11 May 2017

1st BDCD Meeting: European Climate Foundation, 31 Mar 2016

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