Integrating Development, Environment and Security - The IDEAS action programme

Integrating Development, Environment and Security - The IDEAS action programme

The IDEAS programme involves the further development and coordination of three “communities of practice” dealing with the nexus between development, environment and security:

The Brussels Dialogue on Climate Diplomacy (BDCD) is an informal network for the exchange of information and to promote cooperation among European institutions and international organisations active in the nexus between climate change and international, national, human and environmental security. > LEARN MORE

The Global Military Advisory Council on Climate Change (GMACCC) established in 2009 is a global network of serving and retired military officers, and associated institutions, committed to highlighting the potential security implications of a changing climate and advocating action, including by the military, to minimise the risks. > LEARN MORE

The pilot project Transatlantic Responses to 21st Century Environmental Challenges (TREC) is working toward the establishment of a new Transatlantic Environment Forum (TEF) with the vision that through new ways of learning from each other, of pooling our knowledge and creating new innovative dialogues between environmental experts and policy makers we can increase the effectiveness of our separate - and also common - efforts. > LEARN MORE

In parallel, EDRC is developing a new on-line interactive relational database - the IDEAS Action Guide - covering 100 Topics - 500 Organisations - 1000 Publications + 100s of Events, Initiatives, Web Resources, videos and more.