"The UN is being turned into a public-private partnership": An interview with Harris Gleckman

20 Nov 2019

Lynn Fries of openDemocracy - an independent global media platform - speaks with Harris Gleckman about the growing corporate influence over our global governance system – and what can be done to stop it.

Harris Gleckman is Senior Fellow at the Center for Governance and Sustainability, and the author of 'Multistakeholder Governance and Democracy: A Global Challenge'. For the past 30 years, he has been a leading expert on multinational corporations, global environmental management, financing for development, global governance institutions, and the economics of climate change. 

Harris is also a Senior Advisor to EDRC and he presented his book at the 7th meeting of the Brussels Dialogue on Climate Diplomacy entitled "Pros and Cons of a Multistakholder approach to Climate Change Governance" on 27 Sep 2018.

Watch the openDemocracy video interview and read the transcript here.